Enterprise 2.0

Ein Blog über den Einsatz von Social Media in Organisationen

Februar 28, 2013
von René Sternberg
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Das amputierte Verständnis von Enterprise 2.0

In den letz­ten Tagen fiel mir mal wie­der fol­gende Redu­zie­run­gen auf: Web 2.0 und Enter­prise 2.0 seien Tech­nik. Dies sieht man z.B. an Defi­ni­ti­ons­ver­su­chen wie der von Nil­o­fer Mer­chant: „And­rew McA­fee, the Har­vard pro­fes­sor, coi­ned the term Enter­prise 2.0 about six years ago, and the empha­sis was on the on soft­ware tools and plat­forms that increase infor­ma­tion flow. The idea was that if we use social tools, we would share infor­ma­tion fre­ely wit­hin the orga­niza­tion, and exter­nal mar­ket­pla­ces. The spe­ci­fic defi­ni­tion in his book of the same name was how “how the Web 2.0” tech­no­lo­gies could be used on orga­niza­ti­ons’ intra­net and extra­nets”. It’s like descri­bing elec­tri­city by descri­bing the wires instead of the light — it’s a technologist’s point of view .”